Colvin Run Mill- Vaudo Family | Great Falls, Virginia | Family Photographer, Vienna, Virginia

I met up with this dear family at the Colvin Run Mill park on a humid but beautiful morning early in the month of June. We arrived before a field trip descended on the territory and before the general store opened. At this restored mill from the early 19th century, the water wheel and gears were quiet and we basically had the place to ourselves, except for the park authorities and some builders doing restoration on the main building. OK, so the serenity of our time was disrupted when the workers cautioned us to watch out for the snakes, which there were none, thankfully.  The kids were amazing and as a reward, their parents  took them out for breakfast afterwards at McDonalds, I think it was. A week after that morning, they took off on a 6 week family adventure across the U.S. in an RV! I can imagine the fun they had and they DO have stories to tell that Christie so artfully recorded in her blog. What a joy it was to share this time with them.

Senior 2015 Madison Warhawk

Joe is a Madison Warhawk alumn and a well loved member of the warhawk football family and our local community. He is now playing football for Virginia Tech and we all couldn't be prouder of him! Thinking of him as we celebrate homecoming. These images are from our very relaxing and enjoyable senior shoot right in his backyard last spring. He was patient. I had a blast.